Shaping sustainability in venture capital

Read Antler's latest ESG and Impact Report that explores the powerful alliance of innovation and sustainability.

Ros Bazany

Head of ESG and Impact
January 17, 2024
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As investors, we view the alliance of innovation and sustainability as more than philosophical—it's strategic, and essential to both maximize risk-adjusted returns and to solve the increasingly complex challenges society faces today.

Together, innovation and sustainability empower companies to confront environmental and societal challenges while serving as a catalyst for creative problem-solving—often birthing innovative technologies and practices that drive economic growth while benefiting society and our planet. Companies that embrace sustainability as a core value are better equipped to identify emerging market trends, enhance operational efficiency, improve workforce productivity, adapt to shifting consumer preferences, remain ahead of regulatory mandates, and engage stakeholders effectively. In short, sustainable companies are synonymous with strong and resilient ones.

In an era defined by the urgency of addressing climate change and the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability has emerged as a critical driver of success for startups and VCs alike. 

In our third annual ESG and Impact Report, Shaping Sustainability in VC, we explore the power of the innovation-sustainability alliance, and outline our commitment to sustainability as a principle that is fundamental to the success of our firm, our portfolio companies, and broader society. 

Highlights of our 2023 ESG and Impact Report include:

The power of partnerships. Read how our collaborations with LPs, industry groups, and our internal team drive sustainable outcomes and create value. This is where the magic happens.

Companies paving the way for a sustainable future. Read a range of Antler impact company case studies that demonstrate the remarkable product-driven change they are leading to address pressing societal and environmental issues.   

Tracking sustainability progress in our portfolio. Gain insights on our portfolio's operational practices that underscore our commitment to embed sustainability at every level on a company’s journey from day zero to greatness.

Raising the sustainability bar for VC. Learn about the bold steps we are taking to embed sustainability into the core of VC, setting new standards for the industry.

We’re excited for you to explore this report at this critical crossroads in the VC industry’s sustainability story.

Read our 2023 ESG and Impact Report.

Contact with feedback and to learn more about Antler’s ESG and impact philosophy and strategy.

Ros Bazany

Head of ESG and Impact

Ros is Head of ESG and Impact at Antler. She has 15 years of investment management industry experience and oversees firm level practices, founder engagement, and investment decision-making processes. Based in Singapore, Ros is a mother of two who spends much of her spare time outdoors or hunting for the perfect tiramisu.

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