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Inside Before Day Zero, India’s most exclusive startup community for top talent figuring out their next move.

April 22, 2024
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One of the pivotal stages in building a large company is the period leading up to discovering the right startup ideas to pursue. A period of true exploration, where you find inspiration that drives action, connections that supercharge your trajectory and clarity to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. 

With Before Day Zero, we’re enabling just that. An invite-only exclusive community for highly motivated individuals who are on the cusp of starting something new. No matter where you are in the country, members enjoy the benefits of being a part of an ambitious, driven group dedicated to helping explore the next big move — from deepening your interest in a sector to zeroing in on an idea to build a billion-dollar company.

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A Third Space for India’s Top 1% Talent: From Scientists to Leaders from Big Tech 

From 3000+ responses on our waitlist, we’ve selectively invited 170+ founding members to join the community.

Our members include repeat founders who exited startups to Fortune 500 companies, leaders from high growth tech companies, as well as filmmakers, chefs, athletes, scientists, CXOs, and senior operators from market leaders like Stripe, Uber, Tesla, Google, and Amazon, alongside folks from top startups such as Swiggy, Ola, Simpl, Redbus, Bounce, and many more.

Here’s a glimpse into the numbers:

  • Over half of the members (52%) are experienced builders who have held senior operator/leadership roles in engineering or product management. A significant majority (78%) of these members come from leading tech firms, including FAANG companies and top Indian tech startups like Razorpay, INDmoney, Dream11, Cashfree, Ather, and more.

  • 30% of the members are seasoned entrepreneurs who have previously built startups in various sectors such as Edtech, Consumer tech, Mobility, Climate, and more.

  • On average, members of the community have 14 years of experience. Notably, 40% of them have more than 14 years of experience.

Explore. Connect. Discover.

Designed as a third space, Before Day Zero is a playground for open-ended exploration, and meeting like-minded people to expand beyond your current personal and professional networks and build a whole new network. 

The community at present is buzzing with 1:1 connections, exchanging thoughts on the latest trends, brainstorming on forward-looking spaces such as biotech, foodtech, D2C, SaaS, AI, and much more. 

“The diversity of the people and the ideas that they’re working on is the main draw. It is great to be able to ping and get some meaningful connects to discuss and brainstorm.” - Sandeep Injarapu (Associate Director of Product - Razorpay)
“It's great to connect with like-minded people, and everyone’s welcoming to help you with any requests. Especially peer accountability pods, they are really awesome.” - Deepak Bansal (Former Head of Engineering - Klub)
“The community is very collaborative and high engagement is a big plus." - Smita Malipatil (Non-Executive Director - Appsecco)

Here is all that happened in the last 45 days at Before Day Zero:

  • 300+ 1:1 connections forged
  • 13+ online and offline events hosted with 80+ members 
  • 40% of members have formed an idea and presently validating
  • 22% of members are past early wins and onto building an MVP

The community focuses on knowledge-building and networking to allow for more insight into what’s next across industries and build clarity on your next billion-dollar idea; all while building alongside the smartest in the ecosystem.

This includes offline and online social events such as closed-door fireside chats with India’s top founders and VCs, member-led knowledge sessions by experts in the community, jam sessions to brainstorm and learn about industry trends, Peer Accountability Pods for deeper knowledge sharing and accountability, and community Demo Day to help you get feedback and make progress on the idea.

Take the First Step Towards Your Next Move: Be in the Company of India’s Smartest Thinkers

By joining Before Day Zero, you get to be a part of a tight-knit community of exceptional individuals who are all exploring what they want to build. If you’re considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship and want to build in the next 3–6 months, this is the place to be. 

Enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, engage in meaningful social and professional conversations, and build a network that will fuel your entrepreneurial dreams.

Note: We only share a limited set of invites every month to keep the community intimate, meaningful and exclusive.
This is a free, no-strings-attached community.

Join the waitlist

P.S. If you know someone exceptional who’s exploring their next move, do tell us!

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